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Food during school year 2022/2023

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Cafeteria Services at MIS

We are pleased to inform you that we will be able to offer the Freeflow Services again as of 18.08.2021 Due to the current pandemic regulations we have adapted our food services accordingly. At this time we are unable to allow all students in to the Cafeteria together, therefore we have developed the following concept:


In general:


The hot lunch can be pre-ordered. Either as a "subscription/subscription", in which case fixed days are booked automatically each week, or as a "pay-as-you-eat/spontaneous meal". Via our ordering platform, you can pre-order daily until 9:00 a.m. via the Entry tab. For this you need the name of the meal participant eg: MustermannKlara and as password his date of birth e.g. 05.06.2015. A payment takes place, as before with direct debit.


For special food (allergy food) please contact us. Each meal includes 1 main meal, 1 salad, 1 dessert/fruit / in EC and 1st grade salad or dessert/fruit.


In 1st grade Junior School, children are taken to set tables in the dining hall. There, the ordered meals labeled with names are ready covered. 

Starting in 2nd grade, the children go through the freeflow serving area, here we prepare trays and the hot food is handed over while observing the spacing rules. The students eat at fixed tables.  


The seats in the cafeteria have been prepared in compliance with the spacing and hygiene rules.


Our staff has been trained on the basis of the new hygiene regulations.


We would like to ask you to use our pre-ordering facilities. At the moment, safety first, and this is the best way to avoid prolonged contact.


In addition a certain amount of pre-portioned salad is provided at the pick-up counter. A fruit selection is also available on a daily basis.

Junior School


As in the past, only hot meals are offered at the Junior School. The rules of the DGE (German Nutrition Society) apply here.

The menu is structured so that there is 1 meat dish, 1 fish dish, 2 vegetarian dishes and 1 pasta dish per week.

The EC classes get the food served in their classrooms. Meals are served in small groups.

For grades 1 - 4, a hot lunch is provided in the cafeteria by pre-order.

The Grade 1 will be served on the table. Up from second Grade the food will be picked up at the pick-up counter


 Middle School


For the middle school, a hot lunch is provided in the cafeteria by pre-order if possible. The food will be picked up at the pick-up counter


Senior School

For the Senior School, a hot lunch in the cafeteria is provided on a pre-order basis if possible. The food will be picked up at the pick-up counter.


For the Senior School it is also possible to buy spontaneously at a kiosk for break or lunch. Here, a kiosk has been set up under the existing hygiene conditions.


An advance order of our cafeteria offer is possible via our order platform until 9 a.m. daily.

The serving will then take place during the break between 11:10 am and 11:20 am at the hut at the LADC building.

There is a vending machine (only cash payment possible) with yogurt, sandwiches, wraps and fruit available.


What is offered at the LADC Kiosk?

We offer a variety of snacks during breaks , also in organic quality. We serve everything in proven „Il Cielo“ quality, from pretzels, yoghurts and fruit to salami rolls. Warm Snacks can be pre-ordered for the 11:20 break.

Sweets are offered in moderation.

When the hunger strikes, our „to go“ line offers immediate help and leaves hardly any wishes open, and is constantly being developed further by us.  


At Munich International School our kitchen team led by Kitchenchef Christian Schöler cooks daily fresh in proven Il Cielo quality. Our food system is based on the freeflow System.

Also during the day you can find produce from organic farming at the Cafeteria and the Coffee Bar. Our sweets are from fair trade.

The daily offer is enriched with smoothies, warm snacks and various salads. Especially innovative is our Coffee Bar. There you find homemade snacks, from toasties to bagels, homemade cakes and cookies.


For any wishes and suggestions please write to info (at)



Questionnaire for children with allergies

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Subscription Prices