Registration and Forms Kurt-Huber-Gymnasium

Please print this forms and sent them all signed to:

by post: IL CIELO - Carola und Domenico Petrone GbR, Gautinger Straße 38, 82234 Wessling
or by E-Mail (pdf-Datei): abo (at)
or by Fax: 08153-90997887.

On Kurt-Huber Gymnasium is under the direction of Constantin Bereanu fresh daily in proven Il Cielo quality cooked.
Our foodsystem based at the AboSystem.

Also in Pausesale under the direction of Michaela Sturm you will find above all products of organic farming. Our sweets are fair trade. Our daily offer is enriched by Smoothies, warm Snacks and various salad.

Do you have suggestions or requests write us an e-mail info (at) .

Questionnaire for children with allergy

Questionnaire for download