Cooking for kids is different

Since the school year 2007/2008 our concept is booming. Also here we stick to our principles of cooking fresh, high quality and organic food. We directly cook in the schools.

For those of you who have children you know that children have their own preferences. It is a big challenge to cook for children especially if it is for a few hundred a day. That is why we give the collocation of the menu a lot of thought.

Of course there is always a vegetarian alternative. We offer fresh fruit, salads and desserts to the main courses so that the children’s daily requirement on vitamins, dietry fibres and minerals is covered idealy.

Does your child has a food allergy or intolerance? Please contact IL CIELO directly in order to talk about an inidvidualized menu plan: 08153-90 99 780.

Your bank details has changed? Please send us the form filled with all needed information.