„Dass es hier keine Lebensmittel gibt sondern Mittel zum gesunden Leben, die der Körper einem dankt“ Udo, Koch

Concept school canteens. Dining with pre-order.

We want, that many children and young people take at least 1 x daily properly prepared food. We cook every day for many children in a very high quality.

We love children, our approach only makes sense if the food is also good and high quality later after pre-school. This works especially when many kitchens has the same principle. Our experience shows that the older the children, it is becoming increasingly important, not anonymous to deliver the food but directly with the students because food is very social and private. That is the reason why we have opted for a fresh cooking approach on the ground at each school.

For children who do not take lunch every day, there is the possibility to use our cafeteria system through a web module and also to make the desired pre-order. With this system it is possible to choose between 3 main courses per day. Furthermore, we have additional soups and salads, fruit and desserts to choose from.