„Dass es hier keine Lebensmittel gibt sondern Mittel zum gesunden Leben, die der Körper einem dankt“ Udo, Koch

Food can be heaven!

Already during shopping for produce we look for trusted origin and quality. We prefer local products that are fresh tasty and environmental friendly produced and transported. That also means that we use produce whch are in season. For example we do only offer strawberries during strawberry season. During that time they taste the best and are available in high quality within short distance. That is good for the environment and the climate as well.

At IL CIELO we cook differently in spring, summer, fall and winter. We always offer a meatless meal for vegetarians. Please contact us directly if you have special needs, food allergy or food intolerance.

High quality is very important and also costly. the expenses for ingredients and employees are up to 100% higher than for non-organic meal preparation and for the use of convenience food. Nevertheless we offer our food at comparatively affordable prices.

Do you want to know more about us?

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